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It should be fun

It’s not just the adults that should look good. Children should grow up enjoying the experience of having their hair cut. It’s quite common for parents to have such an impact at the time of the visit and not all the time can it lead to a positive effect. We are very keen to get the look right for children as it has an effect on their own self esteem, this way they grow up enjoying the hair salon experience.

We like to keep them busy

All to often parents of young children feel they are stuck when it comes to getting your own hair done. Well, we like to think that you can bring your little ones. There is always a team member around if an extra pair of hands is needed.

Complimentary lollipops and refreshments are available and each child will receive a boys or girls colouring in sheet and at the end of their service they’ll receive a Loyalty Card of their very own, which is all included in the price, subject to availability. We also have a toy box for children to enjoy during their visit, our entertaining environment is all geared to make sure your child leaves with a great looking haircut and, better yet, a great big smile.